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Fox Public is a digital marketing agency based in Cape Town. We provide businesses with a wide range of marketing services, such as website design, online store development, social media management, copywriting, branding & design, online advertising, and more.

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digital marketing agency in Cape Town

The world moves at an exceptionally fast pace. We are constantly fighting to keep up. We rarely get time to just sit back and relax and enjoy the finer things in life, like spending time with family and friends and focussing on self-care.

Fox Public can help you to have one less thing to worry about. We can help you put your company on the map with digital marketing and ensure that the people looking for your company’s products and services find you at the right time.

We save you time by taking away your responsibility of marketing your company by providing you with expert digital marketing solutions so that you can focus on running your business and reward yourself with the time you need.

Your Company’s Future Relies on Digital Marketing.

The economy is filled with options. In this day and age you need to rely on digital marketing to put your company on the map. Therefore, highly functional, search engine optimised websites, engaging social media platforms, online advertising and other aspects of digital marketing should be your focus.

Digital marketing will bring clients to you. Don’t be the company that gets left behind. Invest in the latest marketing strategies that will position you in the frontline to consumers looking for your products or services.

We live in a relationship-driven economy. Consumers of today expect authentic and transparent human relationships with the brands and businesses they buy from. With information at their fingertips, consumers are more educated than ever before. Your focus should be on building a true and confiding relationship with your consumer.

Partner with Fox Public – a consumer-driven digital marketing agency based in the heart of Cape Town. Our relationship-building approach to digital marketing consequently helps you build a brand purpose. Ultimately, converting your business into a brand your clients will love and support.

Sam Zona

“Thank you for your support and professionalism. I have enjoyed working with you and the team on this project. It has been a wonderful educational experience for me. I truly appreciate all you did for me and my company.”

Director, Mashwest

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digital marketing agency in Cape Town


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